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Interview mit SYN aka David T. Dewdney
im August 2005 per Email geführt


Anlässlich eines kurzen Berichtes für das Moonhead-Magazin habe ich David einige Fragen gestellt. Da mein Englisch aber nicht das Beste ist, verzeiht mir den ein oder anderen Lapsus. Hier die Fragen und seine Antworten, die ich im Original belassen habe.

Since what time you make electronic music?

As SYN, I started making electronic music in early 1996.  It will be almost 10-years now since I begun playing and recording.  I am a self-taught musician with no musical background or training, and I find writing music is a time consuming process, so I chose to improvise everything that I record, this makes the music more fluid and unpredictable as to what the final outcome of the finished track or album will be. Improvising allows you to make quick changes in any direction, rather than sticking to the usual verse-chorus-verse of any normal piece of music.

Do you use mostly analog synthesizers?

I did use mostly analog synthesizers when I first started out, but over the years I have moved more towards the digital virtual analog synthesizers, and my studio has been downsizing ever since.  I find having too much studio gear, that my creativity begins to disappear, so I adopted the stance of less-is-more, but recently I have added a modular synthesizer system and some analog sequencers to my studio setup, and the sequences begin to roll once more.

How many cds have you released?

I have released six cd albums so far, my debut 'Soundwave Traveller' was released by Lambert Ringlage on his EM-label Spheric Music, and my other five cd albums have been released by Lothar Lubitz on his SynGate Records labels.  I will be starting work on a new SYN album this year.  I haven't really recorded anything new since 2002, these six cd albums are merely compilations of my big back catalogue of recording that I made between 2000 and 2002, which is just over 150 recordings, quite a lot of these recordings survived, as where others did not, which were either lost or destroyed?  For a fact I know that Lambert is eagerly awaiting a new album from SYN.

Current SYN Discography: 2002 - Present

2002 - Soundwave Traveller (Spheric Music)
2003 - Thru The SynGate (SynGate Records)
2003 - Synphära (SynGate Records)
2004 - Sonus (SynGate Records)
2004 - Orange (SynGate Records)
2005 - Skyline (SynGate Records)

Whats your idols (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze)?

Both Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze were big influences for me from the beginning, but now find myself moving away from them. I no longer listen to TD or Schulze now, In fact i have almost sold off my entire TD and Schulze cd collections. I prefer to listen to Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Yello and Vangelis more, as well as a lot prog-rock groups like Pink Floyd, Yes and ELP.  The CD album 'Orange' drew on inspiration from Richie 'Plastikman' Hawtin and Pete Namlook whom I also like very much. I would like to record with Pete Namlook sometime. I hope he's reading this!  ;-) 

What means the Name SYN? Is it a short word for Synthesizer or Synthetic?

SYN is short for the original alias I used when i first started out in 1996 calling myself 'Synthesis'  I decided to used SYN instead and stuck with that, It's short, simple and easy to remember.  Did you know there is a  Norse goddess called SYN.  Pete Namlook records under the alias of SYN, and a couple of members from the prog-rock group YES also record under the name The SYN!

Do you play live?

No!  I have been asked by Ron Boots to play at E-Live once in the Netherlands, Once here in the UK by Dave Law at SMD and once by Lothar Lubitz at SynGate.  But I don't have the means nor the money to travel to any of them. I am a studio-based musician, and I guess it will be that way, unless some one stumps up to pay my air-fares etc.  As much as I would like to have a go at playing live, but in the long-term I really don't think so.  I don't really relish over-exposure, it sometimes kills the effect and your image. SYN is much happier in his studio I think?

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