Wakeman-Studio und Live
Studio- und Liveaufnahmen
1971 Piano Vibrations LP: Polydor 2460 135
1973 The Six Wives Of Henry VIII LP: A&M AMLH 64361
CD: A&M CDA3229
1974 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth LP: A&M AMLH 63621
1975 The Myths & Legends Of King Arthur LP: A&M AMLH 64515
CD: A&M 394 515-2
1976 No Earthly Connection LP: A&M AMLK 64583
LP: A&M 27 373 XOT
1977 Criminal Record LP: A&M AMLK 64660
LP: A&M 394 660-1
CD: A&M D32Y3127
1979 Rhapsodies DoLP: A&M AMLX 68508
CD: A&M D50Y3128
1981 1984 LP: Charisma CDS 4022
CD: Charisma VJCP-2551
1983 Cost Of Living LP: Charisma 205731-320
CD: Griffin GCDWR-159-2
1982 Rock 'N' Roll Prophet LP: Moon LUNA LP1
1985 Silent Nights LP: President RW1
CD: President RWCD01 
Live At Hammersmith LP: President  RW2
CD: President RWCD02
1986 Country Airs LP: Coda NAGE 10
CD: Coda NAGE 10CD
CD: Coda 830 510-2
1987 The Gospels LP: Stylus SMR729
CD: Stylus SMD729
The Family Album LP: President  RW4
CD: President RWCD04
1988 A Suite Of Gods LP: President RW5
CD: President RWCD05
Zodiaque CD: President RWCD06
CD: Bellaphon 290 07 129
Time Machine LP: President  RW7
LP: Bellaphon 260 07 127
CD: President RWCD07
CD: Bellaphon 290 07 127
1989 Black Knights At The Court Of Ferdinand IV CD: Ambient A-IOM-1
CD: West Coast Productions WCPCD 1009
Sea Airs LP: President RW8
CD: President RWCD08
1990 In The Beginning CD: Asaph Records AR1049
Night Airs LP: President RW9
CD: President RWCD09
Phantom Power LP: Ambient A-IOM-2
CD: Ambient A-IOM-2
1991 Aspirant Sunrise CD President RWCD17
CD: Sattva SKV 025 CD
Aspirant Sunset CD: President RWCD18
CD: Sattva SKV 026 CD
Aspirant Sunshadows CD: President RWCD19
CD: Sattva SKV 027 CD
Softsword CD: President RWCD24
CD: Ambient A-10MCD3
African Bach CD: President RWCD20
2000 AD Into The Future CD: President RWCD21
CD: Ambient AMB-6M
Rock 'N' Roll Prophet Plus CD: President RWCD12
The Classical Collection CD: President RWCD13
CD: Sattva SKV 029 CD
1992 Country Airs CD: President RWCD10
1993 The Classical Connection 2 CD: President RWCD14
CD: Sattva SKV 030 CD
The Heritage Suite CD: President RWCD16
Prayers CD: Hope Records MYRCD 1296
Classic Tracks CD: Zazoo HTCD 3362
CD:DSB DSB 3145-2
Unleashing The Tethered One CD: Mellow Records ARC 001
1994 The Stage Collection CD: Nota Blu Musica 9407208
Lure Of The Wild CD: Nota Blu Musica 9401178
Live On The Test CD: Windsong/BBC Enterprises WHISCD007
1995 The Piano Album CD: Castle Communications ESS CD 322
Cirque Surreal CD: Pinnacle DSH LCD7018
Visions CD: President RWCD28
CD: Sattva SKV 028 CD
The Seven Wonders Of The World CD: West Coast Productions RWCD27
In Concert CD: King Biscuit Flower Hour 70710-88009-2
Almost Live In Europe CD: Griffin GCD-282-2
CD: Wise Buy Records WB 885982
The Private Collection CD: President RWCD23
CD: Ambient RIO CD 1004
1996 Can You Hear Me? CD: Hope Records HRHCD 005
The Word And Music CD: Hope Records HRHCD 002
The New Gospels CD: Hope Records HRHCD001
Fields Of Green CD: Griffin GCD-581-2
Orisons CD: Hope Records HRHCD 003
1997 Fields Of Green CD: Music Fusion MFCD001
Simply Acoustic - The Music CD: Asaph Records ARD 1088
Tribute CD: R P M CDRPM0018
1998 Themes CD: President RWCD32
Official Bootleg Live CD: Music Fusion MFCD003
Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando CD: M P Records MPRCD 027
1999 The Art In Music Trilogy CD: Music Fusion MFACD002
The Natural World Trilogy CD: Music Fusion MFACD001
White Rock II CD: Music Fusion MFCD004
Return To The Centre Of The Earth LP: EMI Classics EX 5 56763 1
LP: EMI Classics 7243 5 56763 1 3
CD: EMI Classics CDC 5 56763 2
CD: EMI Classics 7243 5 56763 2 0
2000 Chronicles Of Man CD: ?
Christmas Variations CD: Music Fusion HRH CD006
The Legend - Live In Concert 2000 CD: Pinnacle DVD2001X
Morning Has Broken CD: Kevin Mayhew 1490055
Preludes To A Century CD: President RWCD33