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   W.A.dePHUL: "When Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water"

   Wahle's Amigo News, Peter: "Tanz der Götter 2002"

   Wakewoods, The: "Get Outta My Way"   

   Walker Brothers, The: "3 Original Album Classics"  

   Wasif, Imaad: "The Voidist"

  Wasskönig, Thomas: "Back From Nowhere"   

   Wasted Shells: "The Collector"   

   Watch, The: "Timeless"

   Watch, The: "Primitive"

   Waters, Roger: "The Wall"   

   Wavestar: "Mind Journey"

   Wave World: "Tableaux"

   Wave World: "Hieroglyphs"

   Wave World: "The Winds Of Laax"

   Wayne, Jeff: "The War Of The Worlds - The New Generation"  

   Wayne, Jeff: "War Of The Worlds / Krieg der Welten"

   We Are Rome: "Impressions Of The Seaside"

   Webb, Robert: "Liquorish Allsorts"   

   Weineck, Joe: "Indian Summer"  

   Weineck, Joe: "Morning Breeze"  

   Well Bad: "Judgement Days"   

   Wellenfeld: "The Journey Of Voyager 1"  

   Wellenfeld: "Elected Pieces 04-18"   

  Wellenfeld: "Ten"   

   Wellenfeld: "Elements"   

   Wellenfeld: "Pandemie"   

   Wellenfeld: "Endless Summer"  

   Wellenfeld: "The Big Bang"

   Wellenfeld: "Phase V"

   Wellenfeld: "Sunshine"  

   Wellenfeld: "Trip To Illusion"

   Wellenfeld: "Fusion"

   Wellenfeld: "Cosmic Waves"

   Wellenvorm: "Petrified Forest"   

   WellenVorm: "Toene des Nebels"   

   Wendy?!: "Idols & Gods"   

   Wendy?!: "Notebook"   

   Westen, Petra: "Out Of The Blue"

   +West End+: "Same"   

   Weyhing, Gerd: "SubTerraMachineA"   

   Weyhing, Gerd: "The Hidden Symmetry"   

   Whiskey Foundation, The: "Blues & Bliss"   

   White: "Sailing Through Unknown Waters"

   White Willow: "Signal To Noise"

   White, Snowy & The White Flames: "The Way It Is ..."

   White Rose Transmission: "Happiness At Last"  

   Whitlan, Stephan: "Second Site"   

   Whitlan, Stepahn: "Triangulation"

   Whitlan, Stephan + Boots, Ron: "Three Day Week"   

   Whitlan, Stephan & Ron Boots: "Seven Days"   

   Who, The: "Live At The Fillmore East 1968"   

   Widow's Peak: "Why Should I"  

   WiesenBerg: "Eremit"   

   WiesenBerg: "Neverending"   

   Wild, M.W.: "The Third Decade"   

   Wille And The Bandits: "Grow"   

   Williams, Deniece: "Niecy / Let's Hear It For The Boy"

   Wilson, Ray: "The Weight Of Man"  

   Wilson, Ray: "Time & Distance"   

   Wilson, Ray: "Song For A Friend"   

   Wilson, Ray: "The Studio Albums 1993 - 2013"   

   Wilson, Ray: "Propaganda Man"

   Wilson, Steven: "Insurgentes" - offizielle Veröffentlichung  

   Wilson, Steven: "Insurgentes"  

   WIM: "The White Peak"  

   Wingfield, Mark - Chapman, Jane - Adewale, Adriano: "Zoji"  

   Winter, Johnny: "Original Album Classics"

   Winter's Verge: "The Ballad Of James Tig"  

   Wishbone Ash: "Elegant Stealth"  

   Wishbone Ash: "Argus Then Again Live"  

   Witthüser & Westrupp: "Der Jesuspilz - Live!"   

   Wobbler: "Dwellers Of The Deep"  

   Woelfer, Frank: "IIIII"  

   Woelfer, Frank: "Future Was Now"   

  Woelfer, Frank: "Multiverse"   

   Woelfer, Frank: "The Human Factor"   

   Woelfer, Frank: "Unification"  

       Wøllo, Erik: "Traces / Images Of Light / Solstice"  

   Wøllo, Erik: "Silent Currents"

   Wøllo, Erik: "Gateway"

   Wøllo, Erik & Bernhard Wöstheinrich: "Arcadia Borealis"

   Wonderland: "The Best Of" 

   Wrecking Company: "Mondial House"   

   Wright, David: "Beyond The Airwaves Volume 1"   

   Wright, David: "Connected"  

   Wright, David: "The Spirit Of Light"

   Wright, David: "Dreams And Distant Moonlight"

   Wright, David: "Momentum"  

   Wright, David: "Deeper"