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   N-Tribe: "The Tower Of Power"

   Nachtmahr: "Alle Lust will Ewigkeit"

   Naidoo, Xavier & Friends: "Sing um dein Leben"  

   Namlook, Pete: "XXV - Permutations"

   Namlook, Pete: "XXIV - Pearl III"

   Namlook, Pete: "XXIII - Pearl II"  

   Namlook, Pete: "XXII Pearl"

   Namlook, Pete: "4Voice 2"

   Namlook, Pete: "Atom"  

   Namlook, Pete: "Subconscious Worlds"  

   Namlook, Pete / Gabriel Le Mar: "Namlook Le Mar"  

   Namlook & Montanß: "Labyrinth"

   Namlook, Pete & Klaus Schulze: "Dark Side Of The Moog XI"

   Namlook, Pete & Wolfram Spyra: "Virtual Vices VI"

   Native Window: "Native Window"

   Nattefrost: "20 Years Of Nattefrost"  

  Nattefrost: "Homeland"   

   Nattefrost: "Different Stages"   

   Nattefrost: "Futurized"   

   Nattefrost: "Tracks From The Archive Vol. II"

   Nattefrost: "Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon"

   Nattefrost: "Live In Germany 2008 & 2009"

   Nattefrost: "Tracks From The Archives"

   Nattefrost: "Transformation"  

   Nattefrost: "Underneath The Nightsky"

   Nattefrost: "Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning"

   Nattefrost & Matzumi: "From Distant Times"  

   Navigator: "Airwaves" 

   Nautilus: "Along The Winding Road"

   Nautilus: "North Pole Pilgrim"

   Nautilus: "In Search Of Castaways"

   Nebula Drone: "A Long Fade Into Virtual Light"

   Nedelin, Vlad: "Postante"  

   NelÚ, Finn: "Lark"   

   Nemesis: "Gigaherz"

   Nemo: "Le Ver Dans Le Fruit"   

   Nemo: "Si Partie II - L'Homme Ideal"  

   Neo-Prophet: "Monsters"

   Neronia: "Nero"  

  Neronia: "Limnotapes"   

   Neronia: "Blue Circles"

   Neuronium: "Hydro 2 - The Deep End"

   Neuronium: "Etykagnostyka"

   New Gold Dream: "The Message"   

   New Order: "Lost Sirens"   

   New Order / Joy Devision: "Total - From Joy Devision To New Order"

   Nies, Harald: "Tales Of Light"  

   Nies, Harald: "Horizon"   

   Nies, Harald: "Nighttrain"   

   Nies, Harald: "Cableworld"  

   Nies, Harald: "Torodial Sequences"

   Nies, Harald: "Earthcreator"  

   Nies, Harald: "Cryptic Labyrinth"

   Nies, Harald: "Space Is Everywhere"

   Nies, Harald: "Restart From Sedna"

   Nilihing: "Egophagus"

   Nine Below Zero: "Live In Gifhorn"  

      Nisus: "Dark Waters" und "Bright Sunday"   

   Nitewalk: "Darker Shade Of Gray"  

   Nits: "Malpensa"  

   Nits: "Les Nuits"

   Nitzer Ebb: "Industrial Complex"  

   Nnoiz Papp: "Metropolis - A Virtual Soundtrack"

   Nnoiz Papp: "Urban Deserts"

   no:carrier: "Wisdom & Failure"   

   No-Man: "Schoolyards Ghosts"  

   Noack, Julia A.: "69.9"  

   Normal, Manuel: "De W÷d steht nimma laung"  

   Nose, The: "Who's The Monster Now?"  

   Nosound: "The Northern Religion Of Things"

   Nosound: "Lightdark"

   Novalis: "Bumerang"  

   Novalis: "Augenblicke"  

   Novalis: "Flossenengel"  

   Novalis: "Letztes Konzert 1984"  

   Novalis: "Konzerte"  

   Novalis: "Vielleicht bist Du ein Clown?"

   Nova Orbis: "Imago"  

   Nugent, Ted: "Setlist - The Very Best Of ... Live"